What can I expect?

Pastry Affair takes a rustic, honest approach to food. There may be a few rough edges, imprecise cuts, and crumbs sprinkled around the table, but that is what makes it feel like home. Designed for the home baker, Pastry Affair features recipes covering everything from cake and cookies to Sunday brunch.

It is a space where you will find a generous amount of butter and sugar, photography, and a whole lot of life.

I have a confession to make.
I had an affair

A pastry affair.

Allow me to explain.

When I began graduate school, I was studying to be an astroparticle physicist. I had spent six years of my life immersed in complex equations, problem sets, and research. I didn't necessarily enjoy what I was doing, but I was good at it.

As time passed, my misery grew and I sought a creative escape from my situation. So, I did as anyone might do, and started a food blog on a whim. I knew very little about baking and even less about photography, but these simple truths didn't stop me. With a passionate determination, I taught myself to create original recipes, speak through a camera lens, and spin sentences into a narrative. 

It was a delicious affair.

I tried to stay faithful to physics, but pastries had completely captured my heart. And so I switched careers to pursue a life of butter and sugar. Over the course of the next year, I worked in two different bakeriesa small cake shop and a patisserie.

I adored it, at first. Then came the slow realization that the romantic picture of the life of a baker I had created in my daydreams did not match the true reality. After being honest with myself, I realized that baking professionally was not right for me. I made the difficult decision to move on.

I now work as a high school science teacher, finding my way back to physics in an unexpected way. Even though I do not work in a bakery, my kitchen continues to be my creative haven. Each weekend, you can find me here, sifting through the cupboards, playing with my camera, and eating one too many cookies.


What camera do you use?
I shoot with a Canon 6D and Tamron 24-70 mm lens. I use natural light for all of my food photography (and the occasional reflector to bounce the light). Photographs before March 2015 were taken using a Canon Rebel T2i and a 50 mm/f1.4 lens.

Do you do sponsored posts/work?
I am open to working with companies that I know and believe in. If there is a food or product you would like to see me use in my kitchen or believe my readers would enjoy, please send an email. I will not do reviews with editorial input or content from outside parties. All reviews represent my honest opinions.

Can I use your photography/recipes on my website or blog?
All of the content and photography on this website is my own (unless otherwise specified) and is subjected to copyright. If you would like to use a photograph/text, you should use the proper attribution or contact me to gain permission.

Where else can I find you?
You can follow me on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or Instagram!  You can also sign up to receive new posts by email or through RSS feed.   


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